Cloud Storage & Backups

Cloud migration can be challenging sometimes. Whether you’re migrating an on-premises application to the cloud or moving from one cloud platform to a different platform (cloud-to-cloud migration), our cloud experts can assist you in getting things done efficiently. We primarily use Google Workspace and Microsoft platforms for cloud storage & backups. We provide complete support from start to maintenance lifecycles.

Centralized Cloud File Storage and Sharing

Applications inherently designed to suit the distributed nature of cloud environments seamlessly adapt to cloud platforms.

Cloud Storage

There are many paths to cloud adoption. To achieve the desired efficiency, scalability, and agility that fuel innovation, organizations need a dependable partner experienced in adopting a cloud-first approach. We serve as that anchor, offering a comprehensive range of cloud strategy services, encompassing everything from selecting suitable cloud vendors and designing cloud architectures to implementing robust cloud security solutions.

Below are some of the cloud services that will benefit your business:

Files & folders belong to company or users

Access files via any device anywhere

Seamless collaboration and real-time editing

No server required on premises for file storage

Robust security and data protection

Major cloud platforms - Google, Microsoft, Amazon

Cloud custom scripted backups

You may go back to any version of any file in the past

Our expertise facilitates the seamless design, deployment, and management of cloud environments, ensuring successful migration through effective strategies and a phased approach.