Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to off-site storage services maintained by third-party providers, offering an alternative to traditional on-premises data storage. This method securely stores essential files and documents in a remote database, eliminating the need to store them on local computer hard drives or other physical storage devices.

The advantages of cloud storage over traditional hard drive storage are numerous. Firstly, users are not required to physically possess the storage device, like a flash drive, reducing the risk of losing valuable and irreplaceable content. Secondly, cloud storage simplifies content sharing by allowing users to share folders with colleagues, enabling instant access to shared content. Another compelling reason to utilize cloud storage is the cost savings it provides. Opting for unlimited cloud storage at a nominal fee is more affordable and efficient compared to purchasing and maintaining multiple hard drives.

Our cloud storage solutions offer a versatile platform for storing files and folders, regardless of the type or size of the data, including photos, videos, and large files.

Additionally, accessing your files becomes seamless across multiple devices through our centralized hub for online file storage, sharing, and syncing. Whether you are at work or traveling, your files are synchronized across all your devices and can be accessed in real time. Our service is accessible through desktop apps on both Windows and Mac, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, and web browsers.

Accidental file deletions or unsatisfactory file versions are not a cause for concern, as our system keeps copies of all deleted files and folders for 30 days. We also provide confirmation warnings on the desktop when team members move or delete files, ensuring transparency and awareness of actions taken.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose the right amount of storage space that suits your needs. We offer a range of cloud storage solutions to accommodate any storage requirements, providing you with the ideal amount of online storage for your specific needs.

We at ActiveTech provide cloud storage services cater to your needs.