Less Popular Python Modules That Every Programmer Should Know

Every popular general-purpose programming language has a fully-featured, well-organized standard library that helps programmers use pre-developed functions or classes to boost their coding productivity. Some programming languages offer pre-imported objects or functions to access the standard library, i.e., JavaScript. Meanwhile, some languages provide separate importable […]

Key features of Software Development

To gain a competitive advantage and differentiate brands through software development, proficiency with various techniques and technologies is essential. These advancements can accelerate software deployment, enhance quality, and improve efficacy. Some of the key techniques and technologies include: By harnessing these techniques and technologies, software […]

Importance of Software Development

Software development holds significant importance due to its pervasive nature and its role as a key differentiator in various products, including cars, washing machines, thermostats, and more, especially with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). Here are a few examples illustrating the significance […]

Steps in the software development process

The typical software development process comprises several essential steps: The software development process is integrated into Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), where it goes through different phases, including: The lifecycle’s significance lies in its cyclical nature, facilitating continuous improvement. Feedback from users during the maintenance and […]

Software Development

Software development encompasses a range of computer science activities aimed at creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software. This software consists of sets of instructions or programs that enable computers to perform various tasks and functions. It can be categorized into three main types: The process […]