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Get current web page URL

Slugify and Slugifile

Useful string processing functions in PHP

Get string between two strings using PHP

PHP Bot or Crawler Detection Functions

Get List of Files in an Array Using PHP Given Path or Directory

Generate a unique Epoch timestamp including micro seconds using PHP microtime function

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PHP MySQL Date Formats

PHP Date Comparison Checks Using strtotime Function

PHP date comparison examples:

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PHP: Javascript:

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PHP Date Format List

Get file date time stamp using PHP in MySQL format

PHP Function to get alphabetical list of subdirectories

PHP function to get alphabetical list of subdirectories in a given directory

Filter from different Youtube links for the same video using PHP

For different purposes there are a number of Youtube links for the same video. For example: embed, showing related, autoplay etc variations of video links. Following is a piece of PHP code that helps you filter from different Youtube links for the same video: Also […]

PHP File Download Script

The following piece of PHP code can be used to download a file from a web server: Usage: 1. Save the above code in download.php 2. Use it as:

Simple File Upload Using PHP, AJAX With jQuery

Following is one the simplest versions of file upload example using PHP, AJAX with jQuery: So, first thing first, the front-end part, consisting of HTML interface and JavaScript, upload.html: The back-end part, consisting of file upload logic in PHP, upload.php: That’s it! To download the […]

HTML select and optgroup tags building using PHP and MySQL

Following is piece of code that shows HTML select and optgroup tags building using PHP and MySQL. The following example is based of the database structure in OpenCart. Also, it is assumed that the select tags are already part of existing HTML. And sample result […]