Play Youtube Videos Continuously

Also for MP4 videos:

Javascript HTML Table Search

Simple Right Click Menu using Javascript

Magnific Popup Examples

Magnific Popup Documentation Here

Go to top of page link

Download entire website offline using wget command

wget \ –recursive \ –no-clobber \ –page-requisites \ –html-extension \ –convert-links \ –restrict-file-names=windows \ –domains \ –no-parent \

Align Checkboxes and Radio Buttons CSS

Print This Page – Hide Print Button

CSS to show or hide content on particular devices based on width

Bootstrap swipe for mobile devices

Note: No need of any JS library besides native jQuery only.

Youtube & Google Map Responsive using Bootstrap

Youtube: Google Map:

Embed youtube video with modest branding and no info

Fly HTML Element From One Position To Another using jQuery

Following code demonstrates flying one div to to another div using jQuery

Placeholder complete example link

Following is a complete example link for, showing: image size, format, text and foreground and background colours.×200/4372AA/ffffff.jpeg?text=GTAWDs+are+Awesome

Trigger JavaScript after set time of window or tab focus

Following code shows how to trigger JavaScript code after a specified time interval when getting back to windows or tab of the browser:

Responsive Image Maps

Following code shows how to make image maps responsive.

Offset an HTML anchor to adjust for fixed header

Following code shows how to offset HTML anchor to adjust for fixed header. So that the link jumps to to the exact location of the page with fixed header. Considering that the height of the header is about 150 pixels.

HTML5 – Usage of details and summary tags

Following code shows usage of the details and summary tags that are introduced in HTML5.

Bootstrap Tabs

Following code shows a simple implementation of tabs using Bootstrap having three tabs and contents respectively: Notice active tab is used to show default content.

Editable Dropdown – HTML5

Editable dropdown in HTML5:

Rich Text Editor – CKEditor Simple Usage

Download CKEditor Library and use the following code to implement simple rich text editor with the following formatting capabilities: – Bold – Italic – Underline – Bullets – Numbering

Playing Audio on Web Pages

Method 1: HTML5 Audio Tag Method 2: Javascript

Bootstrap Carousel Code

Following is the piece of code that can be used to implement Bootstrap Carousel with indicators showing at the bottom of the carousel. It’s also adaptive for mobile devices.

Filter from different Youtube links for the same video using PHP

For different purposes there are a number of Youtube links for the same video. For example: embed, showing related, autoplay etc variations of video links. Following is a piece of PHP code that helps you filter from different Youtube links for the same video: Also […]

Click Images As Radio Buttons

Following piece of code lets users click on images to serve as radio buttons:

HTML select and optgroup tags building using PHP and MySQL

Following is piece of code that shows HTML select and optgroup tags building using PHP and MySQL. The following example is based of the database structure in OpenCart. Also, it is assumed that the select tags are already part of existing HTML. And sample result […]